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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Remembering Fall Wedding Flower Designs with Warm Thoughts

Spring is on it's way but I love that cozy warm feeling that the perfectly selected fall flowers can bring in one of the chilliest parts of the year.  The key to creating an interesting and non traditional look with floral designs for weddings is not to utilize too many common ingredients.  We love calla, cymbidium blossoms, aranda orchids, and leucadendron for giving that unusual look to the designs this time of year.  Keeping the ingredients lush and avoiding the use of dried ingredients can also help assure that while fall is being celebrated, the look is still fresh and fun.  This was a great event coordinated by Patrice at and photographed by Peer Johnson at that really came off quite beautifully.  The budget was quite small, but of course there are ways around that for any experienced floral designer with a creative mind.  A fun, experienced and talented coordinator such as Patrice is worth her weight in gold as well.  If you are in the early planning stages for a Fall wedding, you should consider utilizing our services here at Lilies of the field for great cost saving ideas and beautiful fresh flora and specialty rental items.  Enjoy and stay tuned for some new winter and early spring postings....

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