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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Burlap and Lace touched by Grace


The romantic Holland Ranch was a great spot where love was definitely in the air for this beautiful couple (both on the inside and out).  Even though this bride looks like she came straight from the cover of a magazine, you really could not find a more genuine and sweet girl to work with, truly down to earth.  Not only was she fun and carefree but she had a plethora of great ideas and created many of the special touches of this wedding herself.  By letting out her crafty side she made the event truly theirs.  I encourage all brides planning weddings to take a note from Taylor's page.   We added some coordinating signage (surprises to Taylor), linens that fit the feel perfectly, and some touches of our own in addition to the fresh flowers to help complete this simple and casual event.  Mingling the brides favorite elegant flowers, peonies and hydrangea, with the rustic features of the site and event details, we created a nice contrast of elements.  That is a great way to take the edge off of an event so that it does not seem too stuffy while not delving into shabby so far that it turns into a backyard free for all.  Enjoy the truly fab pictures from the talented team at    In the afternoon, when the wind really came up at the Ranch, Jamie Strand went the extra mile to make sure that everything was perfect for this wedding and that the set up matched Taylor's vision.  Job well done by both those professional wedding vendors! 

 burlap and lace keepsake for the couple that included Taylor's hand made tissue flowers
 how's that for a gorgeous ceremony backdrop?
 gorgeous peonies doing their thing...
 future bride with hard working support staff
                                     cute, vintage inspired sign made by the talented Miliaana Monique

 mix and match dresses that seem to be more of a norm than a trend in vintage weddings these days and single peony stems give that simple feel while showcasing the beauty of their large blooms

archway:  burlap and lace cuffs and tissue paper blooms and orchids strands that danced in the breeze

  chiffon, burlap and satin all mixed on each table to bring the rustic and elegant together

vintage books, jars and bottles all carried the theme throughout the event


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Santa Barbara Rockwood Beauty

The mission (the goal, not the nearby historical landmark) was to create a fab vintage wedding with elegant flowers while maintaing an informal feel.  Silver, ivory and and all shades of purple with lots of fun textures helped make these flowers interesting and memorable.  You couldn't ask for a more lovable couple.  Uber cute!  Loved the venue and all the staff at the Rockwood.  The event was coordinated by Inger at and the photographers were out of this world!  Check them out at  Amazing artists and wonderfully nice creatures.  Can't wait to work with either of these two wedding professionals again, or at the picturesque Rockwood in Santa Barbara.... 

so gorgeous....

close up of the bridal bouquet in a vintage silver bouquet stand

boutonniere on moss lined silver tray

love the mix and match dresses, bringing in that personal feel

elegant to the thousandth power...

loved this venue

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Elegant Vintage Garden Wedding

A beautiful couple, a great classic elegant style, and a fabulous garden setting creates a recipe for a great event!  Utilizing great mercury glass containers, lush vibrant hydrangea in a host of colors, and the quaint hand made lace and burlap embellishments created by this craft savvy bride, we were able to combine our efforts to create a truly memorable event.  Of course the beautiful garden setting at Robin's restaurant always provides a great venue for intimate weddings. The vintage wedding favors and the mixed shapes of mercury glass containers that we used played off each other to give a timeless feel to the decor of this wedding.  We also mixed and matched the shapes of the containers to add to the individuality of the designs.  The glow that these great mercury glass votive put off was warm and inviting while still adding a touch of sparkle to the outdoor reception.  We would love to assist you in planning a memorable event, contact us if you would like to chat, schedule a meeting or reserve our services.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Remembering Fall Wedding Flower Designs with Warm Thoughts

Spring is on it's way but I love that cozy warm feeling that the perfectly selected fall flowers can bring in one of the chilliest parts of the year.  The key to creating an interesting and non traditional look with floral designs for weddings is not to utilize too many common ingredients.  We love calla, cymbidium blossoms, aranda orchids, and leucadendron for giving that unusual look to the designs this time of year.  Keeping the ingredients lush and avoiding the use of dried ingredients can also help assure that while fall is being celebrated, the look is still fresh and fun.  This was a great event coordinated by Patrice at and photographed by Peer Johnson at that really came off quite beautifully.  The budget was quite small, but of course there are ways around that for any experienced floral designer with a creative mind.  A fun, experienced and talented coordinator such as Patrice is worth her weight in gold as well.  If you are in the early planning stages for a Fall wedding, you should consider utilizing our services here at Lilies of the field for great cost saving ideas and beautiful fresh flora and specialty rental items.  Enjoy and stay tuned for some new winter and early spring postings....